How to Help

What will be on this page

Overview of the various ways of helping with this campaign.

  • Know the Law
    • Reference the relevant Manual page
    • Covers protesting, investigating, exposing, your rights, arrest, bail, injunctions, courts etc
  • Researching
    • Methods used.
    • Ground sousveillance, recording and logging
    • Internet research
    • Letter writing for further information and clarity
    • Freedom Of Information requests.
  • Protesting
    • How and why it is effective.
    • Demos, marches, protest camps
  • Rallying
    • Getting more people to support the campaign
    • Street outreach, online outreach etc
  • Pressure
    • Petitioning and letter writing / emailing.
    • Regulatory inquiries and reporting breaches etc
  • Exposing
    • What to spread
      • all findings from ‘Research & Exposure’ section.
    • How to best spread it
      • Platforms: websites, social media, street outreach, TV and radio, print media etc
      • Structured and planned public awareness campaign.
    • Who to spread it to
      • Target groups: the public, animal ‘fan’ groups, animal rights groups, scientists, vets, patients, legal professionals, testing labs, council departments, regulatory bodies.