MBR Beagles

The UK’s biggest beagle puppy breeding facility, is American owned and supplies TOXICOLOGY testing labs across the country

Campaign Overview

Industry Dysfunction

Sentient and instinctive life is forcefully bred into consciousness for a life of confinement, deprivation, infliction and suffering. The purpose is regulatory toxicity testing for product release, and medical experimentation of treatments and drugs for a reactionary, palliative and commercialised healthcare system. All in the name of a science which fails by its own measure of validity due to the staggering 96% failure rate of drug predictability in humans.


Due to the disturbing nature of the industry practices, they are shrouded by instruments of state secrecy and censorship on the basis of ‘you can’t handle the truth’. Namely, ASPA’s Section 24 licensing secrecy clause, ‘client confidentiality’ and non disclosure agreements. The industry profits and security have also been enshrined in law which makes batch process animal testing a mandatory route for almost all drug development including retesting subsequent product revisions, hence the term ‘contract testing lab’. Labs in which the subjects all have eyes.

This secrecy is why exposure is the backbone and guiding front of the campaign.

Non-animal Methods

From it’s Victorian roots, scientific drug testing methods have made giant leaps into the future, which is now the present. These modern non-animal methods of new science include organ-on-a-chip, computer modelling, human cell cultures, human tissues and volunteer studies. However, the animal experimentation industry has long roots into the economy and will inevitably keep a tight grasp on its precious.


This industry dysfunction is the target of the campaign and is challenged on several grounds; moral and ethical, scientific, financial and legal.

Campaign Targets

A representative sample of industry players, have been selected as the target for research, sousveillance and exposure by the campaign. They are puppy breeders Marshall BioResources and contract testing laboratory Labcorp. Both are American owned global corporations.

MBR Acres

‘MBR Acres’ is the name of Marshall BioResources’ 7.4 acre industrial puppy breeding site just outside Huntingdon in the county of Cambridgeshire, home to the prestigious Cambridge University and its many animal testing lab rooms. From an animal’s point of view, Cambridgeshire is a county with long standing and very high levels of violence and domestic abuse.


Although it may sound like a fictitious evil corporation from an 80’s sci-fi movie, Labcorp is a soberingly real company employing over 1,400 staff at the UK Harrogate site alone and boasts over 170 testing lab rooms in that site. Its website homepage also offers a long list of 21 ‘Dose Routes’, which means all the different parts of the anatomy into which drugs and toxins can be ‘administered’.

Campaign Structure, Objectives and Strategy


  • Campaign Leader: the victim’s point of view.
  • Various groups, bodies, activists and professionals acting collaboratively and individually.
  • Operating inherently under an open source and decentralised development model.


  • Ban animal testing in the UK
  • Shutdown Marshall Bio Resources breeding facilities


  • Expose industry practices
  • Promote non-animal methods
  • Gain public support
  • Apply Pressure
  • Challenge the Law with argument