Live. Experimental. Ambitious.

A unique online workspace and display board for animal rights campaigns.

This project currently presents a single campaign:

Camp Beagle / Free The MBR Beagles

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This project itself and the campaign presented are each defined by their own separate Structure, Objectives and Strategy. Below applies to this web project only.

Structure, Objectives and Strategy

This website project aims to offer a central workspace and display board for active animal rights campaigns. The workspace is a separate thing from the campaigns themselves. The workspace is aimed at being useful to existing campaigners and inspiring more people to campaign.


  • Faceless. Moneyless. Selfless.
  • Open to public contribution


  • Provide a central, organised workspace for cohesion and efficiency
  • Give everyone, anywhere, a way to work for animal rights campaigns
  • Share what we know, learn and build for the benefit of others


  • Operate lawfully with a strictly business work ethic
  • Present evidence and fact without human opinion
  • Invite public contribution of knowledge, courage and work.